Yarra Valley – ‘Helen’s Hill Experience’ Tour

Introducing the new Yarra Valley –  Helen’s Hill Experience Tour.

I am always delighted when our happy travelers let me know how much they enjoy the day. One of our finest offerings is the Helen’s Hill Experience Tour.

The concept of this tour slowly came to me when customers were asking to stay longer at Helen’s Hill for lunch and wine. There are at least 3 good reasons for this.


1. The wines are delicious

There are 2 exciting new wines on tasting, to compliment the already extensive range. The new 2023 ‘Candlebark’ Pinot Gris is already one of the most

The wines are flowing

universally loved in the range. Add to that the 2022 ‘Wiseacre’ Sangiovese , and you have more than enough delicious wines for everyone.

2. The food is made for sharing

On a Perfect Day Tour, the first course consists of shared harvest boards. These plentiful platters are groaning with seasonal produce, gourmet cheese and meat selections, and other tasty treats. A comprehensive wine tasting will be offered to you as you enjoy your first course. The hardest decision that you need to make is “Which of these lovely wines shall I have with my Pizza?”

A fine selection of gourmet pizza follows your first course. Washed down with your preferred glass of wine from your wine tasting.

Of course, gluten free , lactose free, vegan / vegetarian and FODMAP requests can be accommodated.

3. The Vibe

Now that the new kitchen and extension to the deck are complete, the look and feel of the place is amazing. From the deck you can enjoy watching the vines grow. There are expansive (and expensive) lawns featuring mature ‘spotted gum’ Eucalyptus. Rustic native gardens. Oh, and the staff are very friendly and knowledgeable –  and all about the Helen’s Hill ‘Vibe’.

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Mornington Peninsula Wine Tours

I am delighted to let you know that T’Gallant Winery – Mornington Peninsula –  has recently reopened. It will now be an important feature in our Mornington Peninsula Wine Tours.

Not only that – it has been given a wonderful makeover. I can’t wait to start taking our lucky Perfect Day Tour customers there for wine tastings and lunch.

We now have 2 options. Firstly we have upgraded the ‘No Frills’ offer. This includes Gourmet Pizzas, Chips & Salad.  Now also a glass of wine!


Traditional rectangle pizzas at T'Gallant. A feature of our Mornington Peninsula wine tours
Traditional rectangle pizzas at T’Gallant. A feature of our Mornington Peninsula Wine Tours.

The second T’Gallant  tour option will be included in our Total Value Package. As well as the above offering, you will also be able to choose a delicious entree.





T’Gallant History

The cool climate Main Ridge vineyard was established in 1994, by winemakers Kathleen and Kevin Quealy. Prior to this, the land was used as an orchard. Interestingly, Kathleen and Kevin introduced Pinot Gris /Grigio into Australia.

After selling T’Gallant to Treasury Wine Estates, Kathleen and Kevin established their own little winery and vineyard in Balnarring. The eclectic range on offer at Quealy Winemakers   is awe inspiring. We love visiting them on a fabulous Mornington Peninsula Wine Tour.

T’Gallant has recently been purchased  from Treasury, and has been given a whole new look. Stylish, modern and clean. The menu has been updated as well. Welcome back!

30 years on, T’Gallant continue to lead the way with Pinot ‘G’. The T’Gallant range is all about fresh, food-friendly wines with distinctive personalities. Fruit driven Pinot Gris, Grigio and Noir, crisp Rose, sparkling Moscato and Prosecco are just some of the faves. There is now a spritzed can range that has proven most popular.


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Grape Ripeness Yarra Valley 2023. Too Cold?

For the second year in a row, there have been headaches for wine producers in the Yarra Valley. The 2022 vintage produced beautiful fruit,but only 1/3rd of the expected yield. Ouch! The bunches of grapes looked like miniatures. This meant that the quality was excellent, but lacking in volume. This lead us to the key question. Was it too cold in the Yarra Valley for perfect grape ripeness in 2023?

Deep breathes were being held,  once again,  when a cold wet growing season had befallen most of Victoria. This includes the key wine regions of Yarra Valley, Mornington Peninsula, Bellarine Peninsula, and Macedon Ranges.

Below average temperatures, and well above average rainfall left many Yarra Valley vineyards water logged. This has many detrimental side effects. As the soil has no chance to drain,  oxygen can’t penetrate into the soil profile. If this condition persists for too long, the vines can show signs of almost drowning. They have very limp leaves, and can sometimes show some browning, even on new leaves. A bad odour can occur, as the soil has no chance to expel the stagnant water.

Of course, consistently wet vines can encourage mildew to attack the leaves. Traditionally, a safe copper sulphate spray is applied via a mechanical sprayer on a tractor or similar machinery. Unfortunately, these vehicles damage the inter rows, which become deeply furrowed by their weight on the sodden soil.

Further to this sad state of affairs, the vines have an inbuilt survival strategy. To preserve precious resources, they produce very little fruit. Another ouch! Thankfully, Bacchus the God of Wine showed mercy upon us poor wine lovers. Gradually, in early January 2023, the rain stopped. The temperature started to rise, and the soil started to breathe again. Like all of us!

Grape Ripeness – Summer 2023

Although the ripening of the grapes started 5 to 6 weeks later than expected, if the warm (not hot) conditions continue, we may be in for a very good vintage indeed! Fingers crossed, grape ripeness in the Yarra Valley in 2023 may develop slow and steady. Much like the classic cool climate vintage of 2017.

Here we see a beautiful bunch of Pinot Noir grapes at Helen’s Hill Estate,  mid Feburary 2023.

Ripening Pinot Noir grapes in 2023. Fingers crossed – Just a few more weeks of warm weather, to get a delicious wine!


More information on tours exploring the vines and grapes can be found on our Tours & Pricing page

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St. Andrews Beach Brewery -Your Lunch Option!

St. Andrews Beach Brewery – Your Lunch Option!

Ok. Here’s the thing. You are hosted on a Private Perfect Day Tour of the Mornington Peninsula. You visit 3 premium cellar doors/wineries for tastings. As you are feeling a bit peckish after the 2nd tasting, you are invited to explore the St. Andrews Beach Brewery. You have total control over your spending for your lunch options.

All you need to do –  is choose your meal and beverage. As there are so many lovely options – you pay for lunch –  as lavish or as lean as you desire! You can also purchase a paddle of different beers, a pint of your preferred tipple, or a glass of wine. Even a soft drink!

You now have total freedom to choose what you would like to eat, drink and pay for. With a dizzying array of fabulous pub grub and brewery beers, you won’t be disappointed. Or Hungry.  St. Andrews Beach Brewery also has an impressive range of local wines and ciders on offer.

You will visit 3 other lovely cellar doors/wineries on the Mornington Peninsula for delicious wine tastings – and wonderful hospitality. Venues may include Red Hill Estate, Quealy Winemakers, and Kerri Green’s among many others.

Information will soon be available on our Tours & Pricing page. However, for now, I can give you the nuts and bolts of the offer here.

Looking forward to hosting you on another Perfect Day Tour. This time – you get lunch at the fabulous St. Andrews Beach Brewery.

To get the ball rolling for this new and exciting option – we are offering a special introductory price below.

 10 lucky  people – $99 per person

 8 – 9 people. the cost will be just $110 per person

 6 – 7 people the cost will be only $125 per person.

*CBD Transfers –  and far-flung locations may incur an extra charge.

An amazing array of gastro-pub food and beverages are available at St. Andrews Beach Brewery.
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Premium Wine Tour – Yarra Valley

I am excited to inform you of a brand new tour offer. Our Yarra Valley Premium Tour will include a magnificent wine tasting, as well as a delicious 2-course lunch at the highly-rated Helen’s Hill Estate. Add to this a glass of wine of your choice to wash down your lunch!

So what is a Premium Tour?

Well, there is a lot to love about our Premium Wine Tour of the Yarra Valley. Firstly, Helen’s Hill is considered by James Halliday’s 2022 Wine Companion to be among “The best of the best”. This means you will be tasting high-scoring/ high-quality Yarra Valley wines. You will be warmly welcomed, and looked after by the friendly Helen’s Hill team.


The famous ‘Harvest Board’ 1st course. Followed by Gourmet Pizza. Just part of our Premium Yarra Valley Tour.

As well as the high-quality wine tasting, you will be spoilt to death with a sumptuous Harvest Board (pictured above), as well as delicious Gourmet Pizzas of your choice. Yes. Gluten-free options are also available – and very, very tasty! To compliment your experience, the views of the vineyard and the ambiance are stunning.

Wines on Tasting

Among the Estate Grown & Single Vineyard wines on tasting you will find delicious Blanc de Noir sparkling wine, Pinot Grigio, Fume Blanc, Rose, Pinot Noir, Shiraz, Syrah, ‘Cabernets’ and Brachetto. Brachetto is a semi-sweet wine – not too sweet – just right.

Did I mention that you get to choose a glass of wine from the tasting? This can be enjoyed with your delicious shared plates 2-course lunch. From first-hand experience –  the bubbles, the Rose, and the Pinot Noir go very nicely with the generous repast at Helen’s Hill.

We will also visit another 3 Premium wine producers/cellar doors on your Perfect Day Tour. As always, you are more than welcome to suggest a winery or 2. However, this may affect the final cost of the tour.

We would love to take to 3 of our other favorite Premium Yarra Valley wineries –  including –  Warramunda Estate, Oakridge Wines, Yileena Park, Corniola Wines, Greenstone Vineyards, and Dominique Portet. To name but a few!

Prices start at just $149 per head for 10 people.

For 8 people – the cost would start at just $165 per head.

If you have fewer people or require a CBD, Melbourne Airport, or Port of Melbourne transfer – please let us know.

If you require further information regarding Premium Wine Tours of the Yarra Valley, or for further ideas and Perfect Day Tour options, please click on the Tours & Pricing option.

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Autumn Wine Tours – Perfect!

The time is now.

I am happy to stick my neck out here.

Autumn is by far the best time to get out to the vineyards and taste some delicious wine. So I am happy to pronounce – Autumn Wine Tours – Perfect!

Autumn foliage with ripe grapes. Capuring the splash ofate afternoon sunburst highlights the season. Greenstone Vineyards - Yarra Valley.
This sun-splashed photo captures that magical, late-season ripening of early Autumn. Greenstone Vineyards – Yarra Valley.

It’s the cool misty mornings. The autumnal hues of the vine leaves. Vibrant green. Gently fading to golden yellow, magenta, and everything in-between.

Due to the cooler autumn temperature, the red wines are just right for tasting. Subsequently, the natural cool climate acidity ensures that the wines are well balanced and mouth-wateringly delicious!

Autumn Wine Tours – Perfect!

In the warmer sub-regions of the Yarra Valley and Mornington Peninsula, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay have already been picked. In the cooler, higher altitude areas, picking is just starting.

Late ripening grapes like Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon are still enjoying the warm days and cool nights. Picking will start over the next week or two.

One of the coolest wine regions in Victoria, and indeed Australia, is the majestic and mysterious Macedon Ranges.

I am looking forward to a few upcoming Perfect Day Tours of the Macedon Ranges. A slow drive over Mount Macedon is a joyful experience. Due to the high altitude and cool climate, the deciduous trees put on a majestic display.

Autumn – Cool Climate Gardens

For those interested in the cool climate horticulture of the Macedon Ranges, I could recommend a visit to catch up with Stephen Ryan at Dicksonia Rare Plants at Mount Macedon.

Those of you who are mad for Hellebores, (winter roses), should go no further than visiting the fabulous  Post Office Farm Nursery

Proprieter Peter Leigh is regarded as the ultimate expert on the hellebores species in Australia.

Whatever ‘floats ya boat’ – we look forward to hosting you on a Perfect Day Tour!

Yarra Valley. Mornington Peninsula. Macedon Ranges. Bellarine Peninsula.

Don’t YOU deserve a Perfect Day Tour?

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Best Value Victorian Wine Tours

After a web search of my fellow tour operators, I came to a very interesting conclusion. I believe Perfect Day Tours offers the best value Victorian wine tours. Our most popular tours are the Yarra Valley &  Mornington Peninsula. Don’t forget the Macedon Ranges!

Although recent events have caused many cellar doors and wineries to increase their prices – we have absorbed most of those extra charges. Did I also mention the cost of fuel at the moment?

Best Value ‘No Frills’ Tour

A quick visit to our Tours and Pricing page will reveal a selection of amazingly priced offers. Starting at just $112 per person – our ‘No Frills’ tour visits 3 wineries and another venue for a delicious lunch. I can’t find a more keenly priced offer. This cost is for 10 people, and is available from Sunday to Friday. Saturday ‘No Frills’ tours are just $120 – for 10 people. Available Yarra Valley & Mornington Peninsula.

Gourmet Pizza @ Coldstream Brewery – ‘No Frills’ tour – Yarra Valley. Bellissimo!
After a wine tasting at Red Hill Estate – Mornington Peninsula. Western Port in the background.

Stunning views of Western Port can be observed at Red Hill Estate, one of our favorite cellar doors on any Perfect Day Tour. On a fine day, Philip Island is visible.

Total Value Package

Another reason to believe that we offer the best value Victorian wine tours  – is our recent TVP. This simply stands for Total Value Package. Starting at just $130 per person for 10 people. Prices increase slightly with fewer people.

Mont Rouge Estate – Delicious BBQ lunch on a Total Value Package.

Our Mornington Peninsula choice for lunch on a Perfect Day Tour is Mont Rouge Estate.  With the recent landscaping at the bottom of the Estate, Mont Rouge just gets better and better. A new chocolaterie, aptly named Cocoa Rouge, is a welcome addition to the portfolio.

So now for lunch – our lucky guests enjoy a cellar door wine tasting, gourmet BBQ lunch, and salads, as well as a delicious and generous glass of wine of your choice. Now we can add to that a free chocolate tasting at the chocolaterie after lunch!

The hardest thing now is to get everyone back on the tour vehicle, as they love to linger in the chocolaterie, admiring the beautiful handmade chocolates, whilst enjoying their tasting.  Ice cream and very good coffee are also available.

Don’t you deserve a Perfect Day Tour?

Looking forward to hosting you soon!

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Christmas New Year Update

Happy New Year everyone. I just wanted to give you a Christmas New Year Update.

During late December and January, we have all been challenged. Due to the persistence of Covid, some Perfect Day Tours have been rescheduled or canceled.


After a delicious lunch at the Trattoria D’ Soumah –  Yarra Valley.

We were quite busy between Christmas and New Year. Understandably, this was a time for small groups of friends and family to catch up, which was a welcome relief from the frantic ‘Silly Season’, before Christmas.

Further to our Christmas New Year Update – More people have been asking to explore ‘hidden gems’ on our tours. One such winery and cellar door we have been visiting is Corniola Wines. Located in the Dixon’s Creek sub-region of the Yarra Valley, Corniola is a family-run 10-acre vineyard, with a small winery attached.

This is a true Estate – as Lucy and Vince live on the vineyard.  The tasting area is in the intimate barrel room. Nothing too flash – it is made from corrugated iron. Step inside, and you are surrounded by French oak barrels. Subsequently, there are the intoxicating aromas of happy, fermenting wine.


On a recent visit between Christmas and New Year, I bought a bottle of the Corniola Yarra Valley Shiraz – 2017. This particular vintage was a delight in the Yarra Valley for elegant, cool climate Shiraz and Pinot Noir.

This is what I found.

Corniola Yarra Valley Shiraz 2017. Delicious!

On the nose, a hint of spice, opening up to licorice. Lovely aroma!

Medium-bodied, with beautifully balanced tannins and acidity.

The French oak works a treat –  supporting the medium-bodied dark fruits.

The finish is lovely – with good length.

You will find more information about the Perfect Day Tour you dream about on our Tours and Pricing page.

I’m looking forward to hosting you and your lucky friends. We can explore some of the ‘Hidden  Gems’ on a Perfect Day Tour soon!

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Merry Christmas to all of our wonderful and loyal Perfect Day Tours customers.

Although things have been challenging over the last 2 years, we hope fortunes will turn around in 2022.

I am looking forward to seeing many of our old customers, as well as meeting many new ones.

We are ‘flat out’ between now and the New Year, however, there are still lots of tour bookings available in January and February 2022.

All the best for the festive season for you and your family.

Stay safe.






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Availability – Sunday 19/12

We still have availability for a Perfect Day Tour on Sunday, 19th of December! The region is –  the magnificent Mornington Peninsula!

Your Perfect Day Tour would include a visit to 4 Amazing cellar doors/wineries. At one of these, you would be invited to lunch!

Your sumptuous lunch would include a cellar door wine tasting, Gourmet BBQ selections – as well as a glass of wine with your meal. Did I mention the chocolate tasting as well?


Last Christmas at Mont Rouge – for a lucky Perfect Day Tour group.



Merricks Creek Winery – Mornington Peninsula – Lovely!

For a lucky group of 8 people – the cost would be only $145 per head – all inclusive!

This offer will be available until sold out – let me know your thoughts.



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