Best Value Victorian Wine Tours

After a web search of my fellow tour operators, I came to a very interesting conclusion. I believe Perfect Day Tours offers the best value Victorian wine tours. Our most popular tours are the Yarra Valley &  Mornington Peninsula. Don’t forget the Macedon Ranges!

Although recent events have caused many cellar doors and wineries to increase their prices – we have absorbed most of those extra charges. Did I also mention the cost of fuel at the moment?

Best Value ‘No Frills’ Tour

A quick visit to our Tours and Pricing page will reveal a selection of amazingly priced offers. Starting at just $112 per person – our ‘No Frills’ tour visits 3 wineries and another venue for a delicious lunch. I can’t find a more keenly priced offer. This cost is for 10 people, and is available from Sunday to Friday. Saturday ‘No Frills’ tours are just $120 – for 10 people. Available Yarra Valley & Mornington Peninsula.

Gourmet Pizza @ Coldstream Brewery – ‘No Frills’ tour – Yarra Valley. Bellissimo!
After a wine tasting at Red Hill Estate – Mornington Peninsula. Western Port in the background.

Stunning views of Western Port can be observed at Red Hill Estate, one of our favorite cellar doors on any Perfect Day Tour. On a fine day, Philip Island is visible.

Total Value Package

Another reason to believe that we offer the best value Victorian wine tours  – is our recent TVP. This simply stands for Total Value Package. Starting at just $130 per person for 10 people. Prices increase slightly with fewer people.

Mont Rouge Estate – Delicious BBQ lunch on a Total Value Package.

Our Mornington Peninsula choice for lunch on a Perfect Day Tour is Mont Rouge Estate.  With the recent landscaping at the bottom of the Estate, Mont Rouge just gets better and better. A new chocolaterie, aptly named Cocoa Rouge, is a welcome addition to the portfolio.

So now for lunch – our lucky guests enjoy a cellar door wine tasting, gourmet BBQ lunch, and salads, as well as a delicious and generous glass of wine of your choice. Now we can add to that a free chocolate tasting at the chocolaterie after lunch!

The hardest thing now is to get everyone back on the tour vehicle, as they love to linger in the chocolaterie, admiring the beautiful handmade chocolates, whilst enjoying their tasting.  Ice cream and very good coffee are also available.

Don’t you deserve a Perfect Day Tour?

Looking forward to hosting you soon!

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