The Magic of Veraison in the Yarra Valley – Saturday 19th Janurary

I took these photos just south of the Marroondah Highway, Madden’s Lane. This area of the Yarra Yalley is somewhat warmer than others, so veraison (ripening), often occurs a week or two before other sub-regions of the Valley. Warramunda Estate owner and winemaker Rob Magdziarz informed me that January had been quite warm, and other grape varieties, including Shiraz were starting to show sighs of veraison. Rob indicated that it was looking similar to 2016, where the ripening period was quite compressed.This can place more pressure on the wineries – if many of the grape varieties ripen in quicker succession than usual

Pinot Noir 19th January, 2019 
 Tokar Estate, Madden’s Lane, Coldstream, Yarra Valley.

There is a smaller bunch to the left that is not as exposed to as much morning sun as the bunch in the center of the shot – so it will still take a little  more time to start to ripen.
This bunch of Pinot Noir grapes looks full of promise. Disease free, and as happy as a young bunch of Pinot can be. Lovely.
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