Well, this is my 16th day of no alcohol. Or alcohol free – whichever you prefer.

I think I am going pretty well.

I must confess however, I did open a bottle of white wine last night. My wife glanced at the opened bottle on the bench top and inquired “Have you opened a bottle of wine?”

I was happy to put her mind at rest, as I will yours, dear reader.

Chicken stock. I was making a batch. My home made recipe calls for about 1/3 rd of a bottle of an unoaked white. I usually use a semillon  Рsauv blanc blend. Riesling works well too.

As I was making Moroccan pumpkin soup today – I needed another cup for that as well.

And with the left over – I added a little chicken stock to the bottle – just to make it unpalatable, should I be overcome in a moment of weakness.

I have been really enjoying black coffee, as well as experimenting with wild and wacky Kombucha flavours. I generally mix the Kombucha with about half soda stream. It tastes pleasant enough, and keeps the cost down. (Some Kombuchas can be just as expensive as wine!)

Sometimes a splash of bitters – I use Angostura – adds a bit more aroma and complexity and colour to the drink.

Febfast Fundraising

Thank you to everyone who has donated the the charity I am supporting. Even the anonymous ones (You know who you are!)

My fund raising page is here.

We are raising money for young people with drug and alcohol problems – so it is a worthy cause, and helps to keep my motivated – and on the straight and narrow.

A big thanks to my wife (you know who you are), as she has joined my on my dry journey. It is a lot easier when neither of us is drinking.

Until next week – from High on the Wagon,



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