Back Vintage Review – Madden’s Rise Nebbiolo 2013 – Yarra Valley

Happy Father’s Day to me!

Due to Melbourne’s Covid 19 travel restrictions in September, I was unable to celebrate with my 2 adult daughters.

So why not visit my local butcher to see what he may recommend for barbecue fare? Tomahawk steak – done. Now to find an appropriate wine to help wash it down. I originally thought of a full bodied South Australian Shiraz or Cabernet from my humble collection – but decided to be a little more adventurous.


is one of the most difficult grape varieties to flourish outside of it’s spiritual home. In this case, it is the Piedmonte region in Northern Italy.¬† Barolo and Barbaresco are the villages most famous for Nebbiolo, with wines that last and mature for 20 years or more. Many of the single vineyard wines can age gracefully for 30 or more years, depending on vintage conditions.

Nebbiolo from the best producers in Barolo was traditionally known as ‘The king of wines – and the wine of kings’. This may have also been an indicator of the high prices commanded for these wines.

Madden’s Rise Nebbiolo 2013. Coldstream – Yarra Valley.

‘Tar and Roses’ is the traditional term accorded to describe the evocative Nebbiolo wines¬† from it’s homeland. As you may be aware, this term has also been appropriated as a brand name for a Victorian wine company ( ’tis often difficult to resist the lure of a sexy brand name).

Tasting – Madden’s Rise Nebbiolo 2013

Distinctive aromas of rose petal and white pepper (Violets and leather becoming evident on the second day).

The medium bodied palate shows at once a delicacy and firmness – with savoury / meaty notes. Time in the bottle has softened the tannins, giving a long and dry finish.

I enjoyed the Madden’s Rise 2013 Nebbiolo very much. I only wish I had purchased more, as it was my one and only bottle.






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