Out and about this week – Yarra Valley

Pinot Noir 01/19/19
Madden’s Lane
Pinot Noir – Madden’s Lane Yarra Valley
Ripening Shiraz – Hanrahan’s Vineyard – Gruyere – Yarra Valley

Out and about in the Yarra Valley – the magic of veraison continues.This is the enchanting time when the grapes ripen. The first photo is taken on 19/1/19 – From Tokar Estate, Maddens Lane. The second is taken a week later on the 26/1/19. What a difference a week makes! It looks like 2019 could be a great year for Pinot Noir. Still a few bridges to cross yet – but the fruit looks healthy and disease free.

Photo 3, you may notice, is a different grape variety. This is Shiraz, taken on 27/01/19 from the stunning Hanrahan’s Vineyard in Gruyere Yarra Valley. It is interesting to compare the previous photo with this one.

Stunning views from Hannrahan’s Vineyard
As you will notice, Shiraz bunches are longer, and the grapes are less tightly bunched together. The view from this high part of the vineyard are some of the most spectacular in the Yarra Valley. Photo 4 tries to capture some of the magic of the view from the highest point of the Hanrahan’s Vineyard.